Practical ESM Analysis

By Sue Robertson

Artech House - 2019

“Practical ESM Analysis” – A Book Review 

17 March 2022

In early March 2022, the proprietor of EW Analytics LLC traveled to London, UK and met with Dr. Sue Robertson, the author of the book “Practical ESM Analysis” (published by Artech House (Boston, London). In this book, Dr. Robertson describes all aspects of Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems including the collection of radar signals of interest, deinterleaving, signal geolocation, track correlation and signal identification.

Dr. Robertson has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, ESM systems and she shares her ESM expertise in this book through easy-to-understand text and illustrations and through the inclusion of numerous mathematical formulas and example data sets (which further help the reader understand the functions being described).

The result is a book that can serve as an easily accessible technical reference source for ESM engineers and analysts as well as a great introduction for people who need/want to “get up to speed” on ESM. And perhaps equally of note, “Practical ESM Analysis” can also serve as a source of inspiration for research and development; as it undoubtedly will at EW Analytics LLC.




By Dan Snell

EW Analytics LLC - 2023 (In-Progress)

The objective of the EW BDA Blog is to share concepts developed by EW Analytics LLC for performing battle damage assessment (BDA) of Electronic Warfare (EW) operations against Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS). Given that EW BDA is fundamentally different from processes for conventional warfare BDA (in which imagery indicates the degree of damage inflicted upon targets of kinetic strike), the content of this blog could serve as a useful educational reference source for the expanding EW community.

Blog entries will provide descriptions of concepts for performing EW BDA, to include, but not limited to: the automated detection and reporting of Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) behaviors by targeted radars, determining if the absence of observed activity from a targeted radar should be considered to be an Electronic Attack (EA) response, incorporating multi-source information into the EW BDA process, detecting compensatory activity relationships between targeted emitters and other equipment/nodes of the adversarial IADS and accounting for the possibility that coincidence, vice the EA, is actually the cause of observed post-EA activity by the targeted emitter. The blog will also provide concepts for the automation of EW BDA processes and for the integration of such processes into systems that provide Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

The final blog entry will combine the various blog topics  into a single BDA scenario in which EW operations are used against a notional IADS; thus, providing the reader with an example of how  the techniques that have been described in the blog combine to support EW BDA.

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